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If you need to find a company that manufactures Projection lenses, and you are a little shocked at how much you will have to pay for a custom order, look into pre-engineered projection lenses instead.

Not only are pre-engineered projection lenses much cheaper than custom made lenses, they have many other benefits as well.

A cost saver -- The main reason people choose to order pre-engineered projection lenses is because of the cost savings. This is because you do not have to pay design fees when you order lenses that have already been made, and so can often get them much cheaper than you may expect.

Fast manufacturing -- If you do not want to have to wait to receive the projection lenses you need due to a custom order, order pre-engineered projection lenses instead.

These lenses are still made to your exact specifications. The manufacturer just uses a base of a pre-engineered projection lens to do so.

Perfect resolution -- If you need lenses for your camera that are of a perfect resolution, then ordering pre-engineered projection lenses is the way to go. These lenses have already been made to such a high standard, even when altered to your specifications, will still offer you the perfect resolution you need.

A tight color registration -- Sometimes, the color on camera lenses is a little bit off when you see the final photographs. Choose pre-engineered projection lenses, however, and you will usually get the tight color registration that you need.

Order pre-engineered projection lenses from China -- Finally, be sure to look at Chinese companies when you are ready to order your lenses. They tend to be far more affordable, yet still offer the high quality lenses you need for your next projection lens order.